The look of wood. The strength of aluminum. 15 year guarantee.


  • The Strength Within
    Woodlook® chairs demonstrate some of the most enviable qualities found in contemporary furniture - strength and durability. The strength lies within the lightweight yet sturdy aluminum frame.
  • Scratch resistant
    Woodlook® is the stronger alternative to conventional models, where style and longevity are essential. The frame is highly scratch resistant.
  • Tried and tested
    All Woodlook® models have passed ANSI/BIFMA strength tests whilst the frame finish exceeds 1000 abrasions without any noticeable deterioration.
  • 15 year guarantee
    Woodlook frames can endure the toughest of environments, and are guaranteed for 15 years.
  • Anti-microbial
    Woodlook® is the ideal product where anti-microbial resistance is an advantage. Over 20 common cleaners and disinfectants have been tested on Woodlook seating.
  • Friendly to the environment
    Woodlook® is both cost effective and environmentally friendly: aluminum recycling saves about 95% of the energy required for primary production. The metal can be recycled again and again, reducing costs over

Built to last

Woodlook® is a new concept in seating designed to withstand the most punishing environments without compromising design.

Our furniture is built from sturdy aluminum whilst maintaining an authentic wood appearance. The unique Woodlook® process offers unparalleled durability yet is lightweight, scratch resistant, water resistant, competitively priced and can be customized to meet bespoke designs.


The Woodlook® range is ideal for all high traffic situations including restaurants, hotels, casinos, cruise ships, healthcare, and education.

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  • teak wood


  • beech wood


  • Walnut wood


  • Wenge wood


Light Walnut

Bespoke designs


We can produce Woodlook models to your own design.

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